What is the Role of Platelets in Healing?

This is an article from: Sports Medicine.
Update on platelet-rich plasma by: Jeffrey M. DeLong, Knut Beitzel, Augustus D. Mazzocca, David Shepard, Brandon L. Roller and Bryan T. Hanypsiak
The healing process can be divided into three phases.
Phase 1 (hemostasis and inflammation) is triggered by tissue injury and lasts for 2–5 days. During phase 1, platelets become activated when they encounter injured tissue and adhere to the exposed collagen, aggregating to form a clot. 14,15 Degranulation of platelets occurs and the release of growth, bioactive, and hemostatic factors results in inflammation. Platelets release 70–95% of the stored growth factors in the first 10 minutes after tissue injury and additional growth factors continue to be secreted for 7–9 days. 9,16
Phase 2
(proliferation) begins 2 days after injury and can last for 3 weeks. This phase involves formation of blood vessels,
collagen deposition via fibroblasts, wound contraction and continued release of small amounts of growth factors.
Phase 3 (remodeling) follows and involves maturation of collagen and formation of scar tissue and can take more
than a year to complete.
(PDF) Update on platelet-rich plasma. Available from:

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