Joint Regeneration

Connective tissue (joint)

Ideal for people who were injured by: 1. Playing sports 2. Suffering a blow 3. Hereditary degeneration 4. Diseases like arthritis or osteoarthritis 5. Natural aging of joints The technology of plasma rich in growth factors has spent over a decade in constant evolution and development, which made this procedure in a biosecure, biocompatible and standardized for the Joint Regeneration.
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  This novel technique is to reactivate growth factors present in the platelets that are responsible for important cellular changes as the recruitment of peripheral stem cells and stimulate cell reproduction (mitosis). In this highly regenerative technique, no chemical or drug is used, simply collecting and implement their own reactivated cells responsible for cell regeneration in the right place. No matter the age of the patient or medical precondition. There is evidence that treatment is autologous (of the same body) and is a biological treatment that does not cause collateral damage as in conventional medical treatments. We have tried very young people and elderly people, as well as professional athletes and amateurs with great success in the regeneration of joints.   Medicina deportiva Beauty & Medical Touch has a premise: Regenerative medicine helps prolong the patient’s health. The following case study will open your eyes. Lions’ LaAdrian Waddle was injured and had a committed future:   December 13, 2014. LaAdrian Waddle, the right tackler Ditroit Lions had an injury-plagued season. Waddle suffered an injury of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on Sunday when they won 16-14 before the Minnesota Vikings, and he the rest of the season would be lost. Coach Jim Caldwell declined to disclose details of the injury Waddle in his press conference, but acknowledged that “does not look good.” Lions plan to put Waddle, who should be in training camp for the start of 2015, the reserve list until the end of season. However he came to the medical area on a PRP injection, which could improve plans Waddle and his injury. The only report dates from 2009, when The New York Times reported that a professional Pittsburgh was treated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and overcame his sprained medial collateral ligament. Waddle decided to PRP treatment, rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the result was simply to accompany his team to victory in Super Bowl XLIII.    

A happy story thanks to regenerative medicine

The regenerative medicine we use in Beauty & Medical Touch and practicing our Dr. Dario Grisales. MD. Pain Management is the same that got Waddle overcome his injury, injection of Platelets Rich Plasma, also known as PRP.
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