Differences Between PRP and Stem Cells

PRP y Células Madre The difference between PRP and stem cells is that PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a substance which is extracted from the patient’s blood. In our laboratory process the plasma, so that the growth factors containing activated platelets. When applied to the affected area, these growth factors act as signal transmitters for the stem cells come and be transformed directly into the cells of damaged tissue regeneration is needed. That is why PRP recommended three to four sessions to the tissue to regenerate the most. In contrast, when applying stem cells directly, the process is much faster and effective for intermediaries and the regeneration process begins from the moment of the absorption of these stem cells are removed, therefore, it is only need one session for tissue regeneration. Due to the complexity of the treatments; Stem Cell therapy has a higher price, but definitely a treatment is much more efficient and is recommended for people who suffer from chronic diseases and need to regenerate tissue that compromises pain.
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