Bioenergy diagnostics

Beauty Medical Touch
In Beauty & Medical Touch use this computerized system to detect frequencies or health of each organ specific disease (Bioenergy diagnostics), and can give up to 150 printed reports of our overall health. It is a new method that makes scientific principles and theoretical framework of QUANTUM MEDICINE.

QUANTUM MEDICINE has also found that this change in frequency of abnormal disease occurs in the “Body Electric” days and even weeks before physical symptoms appear.

As this computerized system measures these frequencies in real time, it is able to diagnose AHEAD bio-energy imbalance, which days later manifest itself in a physical illness, so it is the perfect tool for the so-called Preventive Medicine.

The new system analyzes each of the organs of the human body, providing 32 reports with more than 150 data concerning his health, using high-tech magnetic resonance.

Do not wait more! Schedule your appointment for a bioenergy diagnostics and receive complete analysis of your health and prevent future disease. In Beauty & Medical Touch work so that you have an excellent quality of life.
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