Neural Therapy

Terapia neural   Neural Therapy has multiple mechanisms of action and is amazingly effective in both acute and chronic diseases: acts directly on the diseased organ influences the regulatory mechanisms of the body attacks directly interfering field. Neural therapy is excellent revolutionary technique for handling many types of pain, one of the most common is migraine. 9 out of 10 people suffer from severe headaches at any stage of their life, then it is a problem that attacks without having a right time, just a hard workday, emotionally charged or hormonal variations. Despite this, the migraine is one of the most disabling diseases today, the point is not limited to headache, but is accompanied by sensitivity to light, movement, noise or any disturbance or vibration high. Here at Beauty & Medical Touch we handle this as one of the alternative therapies for many sorrows that plague our patients, including migraine. Do not wait to schedule your session neural therapy, where you receive treatment and more information you need to know to start improving your quality of life.
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